Tax Compliance

Compliance is a necessary part of everyone’s life and at Lumiere we aim to make that process as easy and stress free as possible. With well over a decade of taxation experience, we take the time to ask questions and leave no stone unturned to assist you with your taxation needs. We warmly welcome questions from our clients and encourage and cultivate those who want to be on board with thinking about better and smarter ways of managing their tax.


Taxation Strategy and Implementation:

With the tax system ever changing it is important you get the right advice and options presented to you when planning your next venture. Be it a rental property or an international development project; choosing the right tax strategy vehicle is imperative and something that can potentially save you paying tax unnecessarily. We guide you through the process of choosing the right tax strategy that best suits your needs and assist with any of the necessary registrations and associated documents.   


External FC & CFO Roles

If you want to grow your business but find yourself in that gap between being able to justify (or afford) a full time Financial Controller or CFO, then it makes sense to enlist a specialist to perform these services. We can assist you with tasks such as management reporting, KPI analysis, developing policies and procedures, and cash flow management. Our templates and dashboards are easy to use and understand, enabling you to make timely and informed decisions to grow and improve your business.


Business Process Improvement:

Times change and business evolves. We take the time to understand your business and its processes and to see if there is a more efficient ways of working to reduce costs, duplication and downtime. All of this equates to a better bottom line and more time for you to work on the things that make your business a success.


Bookkeeping and external Payroll Function:

Our qualified, ASIC registered bookkeepers and payroll officers are here to make your life easier by saving you time and stress. Working hand in glove with Lumiere Business Advisors the synergy from having both your bookkeeper and your accountant on the same page and shared understanding will save you money and time. We can fulfil your bookkeeping and payroll needs either off-site or onsite.


SMSF Compliance and advice

We offer the latest in SMSF services and with our affiliates under their ASFL licence can offer you a broad range of retirement planning advice. We can create, advise and maintain your self-managed Super Fund in a cost effective and timely manner enabling you to focus on building wealth for your retirement.